Excellence and transmission

Internationally renowned musicians will lead multidisciplinary sessions with 15 young talents selected in Europe by audition. This limited number of students creates the best conditions to share knowledge, but also promotes exchanges and communication between the young talents and the guest artists.

Guest artists and young talents will explore the great chamber music repertoire during sessions of ten days each. Teaching will take part in a spirit of sharing and openness, and will break down barriers between disciplines. It will allow for dialogue on an artistic level that goes beyond pure instrumental considerations.

In the spirit of the European Enlightenment

The academy Lumières d’Europe offers a cross-disciplinary approach to education, covering a wide range of subjects: literature, history of thought, philosophy and science. A musician’s training is nourished by encounters, readings and reflections, which obviously go beyond the strict framework of their discipline. These varied learnings enlighten, enrich and interrogate their practice.

Conferences and exchanges will be organised with academics, researchers and artists in partnership with the Collège de France and the Institut de France.  In order to give everyone access to contemporary creation, a composer will be in residence during each session.

Sharing and professional integration

Guest artists and young talents will play together in concerts at the end of each session.

Inclusion and raising awareness

Access to multidisciplinary sharing sessions and rehearsals, as well as to some of the academy’s concerts and conferences will be offered to primary, secondary and high school classes as part of an educational approach to music.