Lumières d’Europe must be accessible to all talents, regardless of their economic situation. The financial aspect should not be a limiting nor a selective factor. Therefore, Lumières d’Europe covers the costs of the students’ education within the academy.

As a benefactor, you have the opportunity to support Lumières d’Europe and its students. The cost of one session for one student (including the masterclasses, travel, meals, accommodation) is 6 000 €.


Donations from 10 000 €

Lumières d’Europe is an academy that lives thanks to your support. This Academy is unique in Europe, because in addition to providing a coaching of choice and led by recognized artists, it brings a multidisciplinarity and an opening towards the other arts.
By becoming a Patron, you contribute fully to this process of stepping stone towards the international recognition of the talent of these young artists.


Generous Contributor:


Lumières d’Europe can only realize its mission thanks to recognized institutions, which help us financially or materially throughout the creation and realization of the Academy.
Dear institutions, your support is essential to keep the music alive and to allow the future virtuosos of tomorrow to become professional. We thank you for your generosity.


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Private Sponsor:

Music lovers, this message is addressed to you. We know that you are deeply attached to the transmission of knowledge and musical excellence.
This is why we are proposing that you take part in this large-scale project whose mission is to be a springboard for young musical hopefuls, so that they in turn become internationally recognized musicians. Each generous donation is a step towards the perpetuation of musical excellence.


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